new gearboxes

A plethora of new gearboxes accurate to real-life standard and optional gearboxes has been added. Driving an underpowered truck? Perhaps try a 16-gear transmission or one with a shorter gear ratios. Or you could cruise in your 750HP Volvo FH16 at 1100rpm at 90km/h with the I-Shift ATO3512D. Experience a wide variety of ZF transmissions on DAFs, IVECOs, MANs too!

improved drivability

Other improvements are abound to further enhance your in-game driving experience. The maximum steering angle has been increased to better simulate real-life turning circles, while the air resistance has been lowered slightly to match actual acceleration figures. This was calculated with reference to some manufacturers' quoted Coefficient of Drag figures. For those seeking a challenge, you may try the 'Heavy Clutch' version that does away with the CVT-like gearbox behaviour and makes it harder to move off, just like a real truck.

realistic suspension

This mod allows you to enjoy Euro Truck Simulator 2 as it was meant to be. Trucks aren't perfectly stable and overdamped like the ones in-game. Make your journeys more enjoyable and realistic now. Enjoy smoother motorway cruises and more lively reactions to bumps in the road. Driving a truck has never felt better. The truck cabin reacts accurately to bumps and the chassis cushions you from road joints as they would in real life.

real gear ratios

This mod replaces those generic values wtih real-life gear and differential ratios based on the respective default gearboxes available to those trucks. Experience Volvo's I-Shift, Scania's Opticruise, Mercedes' Powershift and the ZF AS Tronics like never before! This allows for better and more accurate acceleration and improves your driving experience significantly.

real truck masses

SCS may have corrected most errors in the defining of their truck masses but this mod accurately mirrors the real-life weights of the trucks. You will finally be able to feel the weight difference between driving a Renault Premium and the Volvo FH16 2012.

features to enjoy
Realistic Driving Mod v2.2
Realistic Driving Mod v2.2


Realistic Driving Mod v2.2
Realistic Driving Mod v2.2



The original and definitive Realistic Driving Mod by nfshp253 is now back and updated for v1.14+. Downloaded over 200,000 times in total!


Change the way you drive and cruise across the continent with an improved suspension setup, driveability tweaks, new gearboxes and much more!

For a more relaxing drive 

Latest version:

v2.2 (changelog)

for Euro Truck Simulator v1.14 and above